White Apes


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Pre-sale Date:

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Public Mint Date:

20 Aug 2022 09:08:00 (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

ETH: - 0.02

Maximum Supply:

200 Total

Event Category:

NFT Drop


The project is about 1,111 white apes feeling privileged. The project is currently in partnership with Ledger and looking to partner with bigger companies once it gains more traction. =======UTILITY======= The main utility and target market of the project is to allow Staking of Ape NFT's, to start with White Apes, BAYC's, and MAYC's. As the project is inspired by BAYC and would want to promote and strengthen the Ape culture, they will be allowing the listing of other BAYC derivatives into their staking pools to earn ETH for their communities.

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