The ADA Police - Season 1


Project's Details:


Pre-sale Date:

Pre-sale Price:

40 ADA

Public Mint Date:

14 Jul 2022 03:07:00 (UTC)

Public Mint Price:

ADA: - 45

Maximum Supply:

4000 Total

Event Category:

NFT Launch


ADA Police are here to Serve and Protect the Cardano Blockchain. They are a unique set of upto 4000 ADA Police officers with traits and raritys Mint Date: 14th July 2022 Mint Ends: 14th August 2022 - Remaining un-minted NFT's will be burned! 5 Legendary 1/1 in the collection If you mint a 1/1 in season 1 you will receive 500 ADA back from us on August 14th 2022 We will airdrop K9 companions to holders of certain traits / raritys from season 1 To take part in season 2 mint you will need to hold a season 1 NFT in your wallet! More to come..... Check out the Roadmap --We are the only Cardano NFT project to have developed our own standalone currency, blockchain & wallet --The blockchain will be used by us for recording data and statistics permanently on the blockchain --You will be able to earn APC coins (ADA Police Credits) by staking or setting up a validator (masternode) --You will be able to trade these coins against ada/btc/usd (as a form of real income) on an exchange

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