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Pre-sale Date:

15 May 2022 06:05:00 (UTC)

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0.6 SOL

Public Mint Date:

15 May 2022 07:05:00 (UTC)

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SOL: - 0.8

Maximum Supply:

1113 Total

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NFT Launch


Origin... The Journey begins with 1113 Nomedians, An ancient greek inspired unique characters that will be used in an immersive lore driven project where your NFT evolves with you on-chain as you participate in the story. Nomedians are a special group of warriors assigned by the Roman Empror Florian to locate the mystical Balls , they will use them to protect their land against their biggest enmies, the Persians who tried to conqier Rome many times in the past. these Iron, Silver, Gold & Crystal balls have an aderse effect on their capailites & skills and will grant them with supernatural power out of this universe to use it and hold back the persian invasion. More on this will be revealed as we refine our whitepaper, website, and roadmap over the next several weeks. If you are reading this now, you are still very early.

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