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CloudChasers is a brainchild from a good friendship between Storm van Lier and Mika Bethlehem. They share similar passions of building, socializing and entrepreneurship. The founders of are well-known in the crypto space, and have experience in building. Not only in web3, idem in web2. The first steps were taken in fourth quarter of 2020, as both had interest in building a business. A business of selling clothing started. A few months later, they were introduced in the crypto community. The large diversity of interests grabbed our attention. The beginning of this year, January 2022, CloudChasers was born. Merel Kouwets, our educated 2D designer, started to make innovative sketches. Our talented online friend, Santosh Wyslich, was hooked immediately. He has experience in 3D designing, editing and more. Kevin Lam and Floris Bastiaan, the developers, are talented web2 and web3 supporters.

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