2142 AD


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15 Jun 2022 09:06:00 (UTC)

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21000 Total

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NFT Launch


We are a team of serial blockchain entrepreneurs, experienced storytellers, artists, and video game professionals with a goal to code chunks of the ancient wisdom into NFT and technology-empowered interactive transmedia. Inspired by sacred entheogens, DAO philosophy, blockchain decentralization, and an akashic pool of neverending storytelling of comparative mythology, we have embraced the quest to create "2142 AD", an ultimate, interactive, post-cyberpunk NFT webcomic based on the active involvement of the community, engaging collecting and crafting mechanics, and hope for the better future where technology and spirituality do not exclude each other. In the age of digital slavery, generic storytelling, and (strictly) profit-driven visionaries, we have decided to look back to an ancient past to step forward into a brighter future. Join us!

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