The Bulls and Apes Project: Setting New Industry Standards
By LifeisNFTs

The NFT Bulls and Apes Undertaking (B.A.P.) mint is just around the corner! On May 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. EST, 10,000 OG Bulls will charge in. Here's everything you need to know about this NFT challenge leveraging innovative new technology.

What’re the Bulls and Apes NFT Undertaking?

The Bulls and Apes Project is a generative 3D NFT challenge that aims to set a new business standard with its 6-month money-back guarantee. As a result, the bearish feeling that has settled over the NFT house may have little impact on B.A.P. investors.

Aside from the beautiful artwork, NFT holders can earn Methane tokens ($METH) by keeping the bulls in their wallets. These tokens will be used as IRL events occur. They're also necessary for minting future collections, such as the planned 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls.

How A lot do Bulls and Apes NFTs price?

The genesis NFTs will cost 0.17 ETH each Bull, and only the first 10,000 will be able to generate tokens.

Every OG Bull will produce 10 $METHs per day. Except for the first 30 days of 'GRAZE,' homeowners will lose all $METHs if they sell their bulls or transfer them to another pocket. There is a maximum supply of 560 million $METHs. When these tokens are used to create new NFTs, half is returned to the treasury, and half are burned. This primarily produces a deflationary token, raising its value for long-term holders.

Who Created the Bulls and Apes Undertaking?

Meet the entirely doxxed co-founders of the Bulls and Apes Undertaking: Anthony Mongiello, Guillermo Puyol, and Manny Coats. Their total company expertise includes advertising and marketing, angel investing, technology, operations, and much more, as they are pioneers in their respective fields.

Anthony, the CEO, has approximately 20 years of experience as an Operations and Expertise Chief. Guillermo and Manny have worked on cell video games, software program development, and advertising and marketing, most recently quitting a company they built from the ground up that is now worth at over $1 billion.

The Bulls and Apes Undertaking team has one of the most explicit practices in any NFT assignment now offered on the market. The co-founders and other members are constantly communicating with the audience via YouTube videos, Twitter House, podcasts, and various other social platforms.

Using their skills, knowledge, and connections gained over their careers, the group hopes to provide access to training, mentorship, and alternative that many would not have had otherwise.

Moving forward, the team is actively creating in a variety of directions as the community grows. IRL events, educational coursework, and mastermind access, physical goods, and a fully integrated challenge environment have already begun to be planned.The Bulls and Apes Project will join the metaverse in the near future.

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