Race Your NFT Dogs in DoRac’s Interactive Quests & Adventures
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DoRac, one of the first metaverse area play-to-earn crypto video games, offers interactive gameplay centered on dog breeding, coaching, and racing. Gamers utilize their pack to defeat their opponents in contests and races, making the game far more enjoyable than simple level and click-on racing video games, which are all too common in the cryptocurrency gaming market.

Gameplay & DoRac Metaverse

Using the Unity gaming engine, players compete with their own NFT verified canine in daily races, tournaments, and even championships spread over the DoRac metaverse. The DoRac ecosystem relies heavily on the metaverse, which provides a digital world for customers to breed, train, and race their dogs.

It'll even have its own roaming feature, giving the game an MMORPG-like vibe with interactive tasks and adventures. Customers will anticipate a plethora of community-engaging content material such as leaderboards for the quickest observed occasions, side missions, and naturally distinct gamers. Guests and anyone with a Doracian ID may be able to enter the DoRac metaverse. Guests, however, will not have full access to the metaverse but will be able to participate in races.

DoRac is reinventing the use of NFTs in gaming by introducing 'Sensible NFTs,' which allow each dog's qualities to be changed based on coaching and racing without having to be re-minted. This can help players save money on gas and ease the ownership, breeding, and training of each dog.

By collaborating with gaming guilds such as Triple Crown, BreedFi, and AxB guild, the DoRac metaverse is almost assured of a steady participant base upon debut, which will help their finance system and competitors in races.

Dog Races

Dog races will feature 8-12 canines competing against one another for the win. Each digital Sensible NFT dog has its own particular characteristics, and each race can be won or lost based on three factors. That is RNG expertise, each dog's biological characteristics such as weight, agility, stamina, and luck, and each participant's strategic approach to the 'further stamina' usage system.

Additional Utility

DoRac's team has completed the first phase of the roadmap and plans to deliver full Sensible NFT integration, viewable races, competitive racing championships, and more. Their IDO is set to begin in Q3 of 2022, with a minimal market cap at the outset.

The native tokens, $DORC, and $DRT, are built on the Binance Sensible Chain and can be used to train and feed gamers' canines, engage in races, cover dog breeding costs, and participate in the DoRac metaverse.


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