Madonna’s Provocative NFT Collection Generates 300 ETH at Auction
By LifeisNFTs

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Madonna and Beeple's insanely esoteric 'Mother of Creation' NFT project. The three-part collection was released last week after considerable anticipation, and despite receiving significant attention, the NFSW collection earned a spectacular primary auction sales volume that exceeded 300 ETH ($612,000).

'Mother of Nature,' which depicts a naked 3D Madonna giving birth to a tree within a research laboratory, was the most sought-after of the three assets, selling for a whopping 170 ETH ($347,000). The remaining two NFTs, 'Mother of Evolution' and 'Mother of Technology,' did well as well, with a combined sales volume of moreover 130 ETH ($265,000).

The project elicited a mixed set of reactions, with some community members describing it as expressive, daring, and unapologetically on-brand with the controversial essence of the material girl, while others assimilated its 3D artwork to the aesthetics of the PlayStation 2, as well as lacking originality and innovation.

Furthermore, despite the project's intention to be strongly centered on the essence of females, crypto artist and Tin Museum founder Ting Song couldn't help but question Beeple's male influence inside the project: "I watched it a few times. In fact, I believe that the visual expression of this piece is not particularly 'feminine.' To some extent, it feels more like a tech-world male point of view."

That being said, and regardless of whether you believe the project is beneficial or detrimental to the wider perception of NFTs (as a result of Madonna's mass appeal, the collection received numerous mainstream headlines), Madonna and Beeple's commitment to donating its $612,000+ proceeds to charity undeniably makes it one of net positives, implying that while criticizing its artwork is valid, criticizing its existence is not.

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