CryptoMories NFT Holders Start To Ask Questions About Artist Iwwon
By LifeisNFTs

CryptoMories NFT holders question the direction of the project.

In the tweet, they said, “How does the @CryptoMories FaMorie feel about the project’s direction right now? Genuinely interested in people’s honest opinions.” Amongst the positive and negative replies was a genuine fondness for the community aspect of the project.

In addition, CryptoMories NFT holders made it quite clear that the community is one of the most critical aspects of the ‘FaMorie’. Some of the issues raised included poor communication, lack of roadmap dates, etc.

The artist behind the project, Iwwon, was quick to react in the comments, defending his collection and attempting to clear up the issues. What’s more, following this Twitter conversation by CryptoMories NFT holders, Iwwon tweeted that he was crafting a statement. In this, he will provide dates and confirm his role in the project.

However, not all the comments by CryptoMories NFT holders were negative. Some CryptoMories holders were quick to defend the artist and the wider project. One Twitter user, @Lionel_Hutz8, said, “Do #FaMorie not realise how lucky we are to have @iwwon_officialwho replies to your tweets, answers your questions and engages with the holders. You don’t need to waste your time explaining anything to flippers; the majority is with you.”

Finally, from the outside, it appears that the CryptoMories project is doing well. They confirmed a partnership with Impact Suite, the mental health specialist, in recent days. This partnership will allow CryptoMories NFT holders to access a wide range of mental support services for free.

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